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The Dog Lovers' Guide to the Good Life

Carol Saxe is proud to announce the release of The Dog Lovers' Guide to the Good Life, illustrated by Carol and co written with Hanita Blumfield.

The book, priced at $29.99 is a 76 page, hard cover, full color, 8.5 x 11" edition with 33 illustrations and sensitive, moving introductions by both authors. The Dog Lovers' Guide is a wonderful gift, conversation piece or coffee table book.

While supplies last, YOU MAY PURCHASE an autographed copy of THE DOG LOVERS' GUIDE TO THE GOOD LIFE with FREE SHIPPING. (Please follow link at the bottom of this page.)

The Dog Lovers' Guide to the Good Life is a hybrid, part art book and part guide book. The text is supported by unique artwork which has been featured in magazines and posters.

The Dog Lovers' Guide to the Good Life profiles some of the unusual opportunities that exist for people and dogs to experience together. Since people love their to be with their dogs as much as dogs want to be with their significant others, we have searched for venues that welcome your dog as a member of the family.

We have two teams of dogs willing and eager to check out the good life. Using our unique bark system, our dogs will help you understand the four legged perspective to better evaluate your choices. The book ends with a chapter encouraging rescue and adoption.

The dog Lovers' Guide is not only unique, attractive and informative, but also promotes a healthy understanding of our dogs' needs.

Price: $29.99

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Back cover:

Sample Page:

Original paintings and limited edition prints from the book illustrations will be available for sale.
Sample Images:

Toboggan Tails

Dock Diving Tails

Candy Kitchen

Powder Hounds


6 Preface
9 Introduction
13 The Big Apple
    Dog Park
    Saks Fifth Ave.
    Central Park
    Swimming at the Dog Run
26 Agility
29 Loews Loves Pets
    Su’rff Dogs
    Hounds of Music
    Outward Hound
37 Camp Gone to the Dogs
    Dock Diving
    Freestyle Dancing
45 Vermont
    Inn at Quail Run
    Paw House Inn
49 Florida
    Ritz Carlton
    Turtle Beach Hotel
50 Yappy Hour
    Party at the W
    Summer Dog Party in the Hamptons
55 Beach
    Summer Dog Party in the Hamptons
    Tails of the Beach
60 Barking Hills Country Club
62 Sexy Beast
65 Take Your Dog to Work
67 Every Dog Lover Needs a Dog
72 Addendum